Shine On You Crazy Diamond

It's been a while since I've done a fun fashion editorial. The concept for this shoot was based around having lots of color and somewhat busy locations that would play off the wardrobe. I wanted the images to be loud, poppy, and bright. The crew did a fantastic job helping me bring this vision together, a real pleasure to get to play with such lovely and talented people. 

La Vie Boheme jewelry shoot

I loved the minimal nature of this shoot. The jewelry designer really wanted a soft, feminine, and organic feel. This was another collaboration with my friends at Farasha. A tiny crew including myself, the model, and two stylists. That's it. Natural light throughout. 

Jewelry designer: La Vie Boheme | Styling: Farasha | Model: Lianna Michelle


At this point in my career I really want to challenge myself by doing something different as much as I can. I tend to carefully plan out all of my shoots in advance, putting a lot of thought and effort into the pre-production process. With this particular editorial I challenged myself to be less organized and more spontaneous. I had a general idea of the direction of the shoot, but I didn't have all of my exact locations scouted or specific scenes in mind. I also wanted to be more free with the way I lit my subjects, trying out new techniques and being less careful. The editorial was mainly an opportunity for Samantha Furden to get some wardrobe styling experience, I think she did a fine job. My dear friends and frequent collaborators Paula J Dahlberg was once again on makeup duties and Chad Seale provided his magic touch on hair. I couldn't be happier with the models we chose for this project. This was my first time shooting Allie Jo Holman, who proved to be not only experienced but mesmerizing, and Mitch Allen was the perfect brother / lover /  ambiguous relationship partner in crime. A huge shout out to the young and talented designer David Hong for lending us a big chunk of his collection for the shoot. I also challenged myself by spending A LONG TIME putting the editorial together as far as post photo processing layering goes. I really wanted to give the photos a dirty, grungy, punk vibe, very New York 1970's. I hope you enjoy TWOISM.

FARASHA Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

Vanessa Di Palma Wright started her company, Farasha, around the same time that I decided to dedicate myself full time to photography. We connected in the early stages of our brand building and have had a working relationship ever since. I am always extremely happy to collaborate with the Farasha crew, this is our latest project together. 

Farasha FF2017_1
Farasha FF2017_3
Farasha FF2017_2
Farasha FF2017_4
Farasha FF2017_5

Monochromatic Metamorphosis:

Production/Styling: Farasha | Hair: Tricia Snow | Makeup: Jillyn Leone | Model: Kerry Kalu