Phillip Istomin is the man behind MANICPROJECT, a fashion and commercial photographer based in Salt Lake City, UT. Phillip's creative approach to every project, as well as his desire to produce something unique and unordinary is what makes his work instantly recognizable. Phillip's background in visual arts and advertising also plays an important role in his ability to produce images that stand out and demand the viewer's attention. MANICPROJECT is a one-stop-shop for photography, videography, graphic design, as well as creative direction and strategy. Phillip works with the best wardrobe, hair&makeup stylists, as well as models in Utah - a place that offers some of the most beautiful backdrops found anywhere in the world. 

FEATURED CLIENTS: Dexterity Salon, Farasha Boutique, Cornerstone, Jeff Landry Design, Total Body Modification, Bohme Boutique, Peery Hotel, Westminster College, McCarty Talent Agency, NIYA MGMT, LOVE Communications, Eva Carlston Academy.


"You'll probably never work with a photographer who is as committed to getting the right shot as Phillip is. His photography is exceptional, and so is his work ethic."
- Chip Haskell | Creative Director | LOVE Communications

“I've been having interior projects photographed for about 15 years now, all by the same photographer.  I commissioned Phillip to do a series of portraits, and loved his process as well as the outcome. Phillip is currently in the process of photographing 4 projects for my firm.  He brings a different perspective and a strong point of view that translate into the best interior shots I've ever had taken.  We will be using him on all of our future projects.”
- Jeff Landry | Jeff Landry Design

“Phillip Istomin is a creative, talented, visual artist who will capture the essence of a space, place and or surrounding through the lens with a real and raw approach. He is a true professional of which I have enjoyed working with through the fashion industry and interior photography projects.”
- Vanessa Di Palma Wright  | Founder | Farasha

“Phillip has an extensive background in graphic design, fashion, and visual arts, but what makes Phillip stand out is his drive to do whatever it takes to create captivating photography that will stop you in your tracks.”
- Janice Baker | Art Director | Three6ZeroStudio

“I love working with Phillip because I never have to worry or second guess him. He’s a great communicator, the ultimate professional, and  delivers exactly what he promises.”
- Jessica Peterson | Sales Manager | Peery Hotel, SLC

"I've chosen Phillip to work with over many other photographers in Salt Lake City because he is extremely talented... He has the eye of a true artists and can take beautiful pictures that are also a piece of art. If you are looking for family pictures, self portraits, or are needing a professional image for your business that will stand out... he is the person you want.. His Graphic design background gives his work a unique edge that I have not seen anyone else do in Salt Lake City, and his ability to make any person in front of his camera feel comfortable lets him take truly honest pictures that capture a feeling not just an image."
Cassie Nicholls | Owner | STYLD' Dry Bar

"MANICPROJECT is incredible to work with. Phillip is so talented and extremely professional. I own a model and talent agency in Utah and any time my models get the chance to work with MANICPROJECT we feel very fortunate because of the quality of work my talent gets to have in their portfolios. I recommend MANICPROJECT for any of your photography or design needs. The work is on par with anything you get from NY or LA!"
Niya Boyakin | Owner | NIYA Management