Phillip Istomin is the man behind MANICPROJECT, a fashion and commercial photographer based in Salt Lake City, UT. Phillip's creative approach to every project, as well as his desire to produce something unique and unordinary is what makes his work instantly recognizable. Phillip's background in visual arts and advertising also plays an important role in his ability to produce images that stand out and demand the viewer's attention. MANICPROJECT is a one-stop-shop for photography, videography, graphic design, as well as creative direction and strategy. Phillip works with the best wardrobe, hair&makeup stylists, as well as models in Utah - a place that offers some of the most beautiful backdrops found anywhere in the world. 

CLIENTS: Dexterity Salon, Farasha Boutique, Salt Lake Magazine, Jeff Landry Design, Total Body Modification, Bohme Boutique, Peery Hotel, Westminster College, Collarbone Jewelry, John Louviere - musician, McCarty Talent, LOVE Communications, Eva Carlston Academy.